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Preschool FAQ’s

Where can I get more information on Rejoice Christian Schools curriculum?

  • You can get more information on our programs and curriculum, as well as the specials classes offered, by clicking here.

What are the age and potty-training requirements for entering Rejoice Preschool?

  • A child must turn 3 by September 1st of the school year in order to enter the Rejoice 3-year-old program. Likewise, the child must turn 4 by September 1st of the school year in order to enter the Pre-K program. A preschool applicant must be fully potty trained by the time the school year begins.

What is a preschool screening?

  • Preschool applicants will complete a Brigance developmental screening. The screening typically takes 15-20 minutes. You will schedule your child’s screening appointment when you complete the enrollment packet. (Questions about this process? Click here)

Is there a nap time?

  • Yes, our preschool students have a rest time each afternoon.

What is the class size for a preschool class?

  • Rejoice K3 classes are limited to 16 students and K4 classes are limited to 18 students. All preschool classes have either full-time or part-time aides, in addition to the classroom teacher.

Does tuition include snacks and lunch?

  • Preschool tuition does include the morning snack. It does not include the cost of lunch. A preschool student can either eat lunch through our cafeteria service or may bring lunch to school.

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