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PS/Elem McTeacher Vote


The winning teacher will receive a paid afternoon off and their choice of $100 spa gift card or a $100 Amazon gift card.



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Pre3 Proo, Pre3 Falley, Pre3 Perry, K4 Bryant, K4 Chambless, K4 Derby, K4 Hargis, K4 Smith, K4 Stoltzfus, K5 Yeats, K5 Kornegay, K5 Jenkins, K5 Lietzke, 1st Dobbins, 1st Groves, 1st Hart, 1st Salgado, 2nd Yandell, 2nd Mainprize, 2nd Sloan, 2nd Stark, 3rd Crain, 3rd Baccus, 3rd Moseby, 3rd Lind, 4th Johnston, 4th Shamburger, 4th Wright, 4th Newport, 5th Schnakenberg, 5th Hurst, 5th King, Hamm, Henson, Goforth, Golightly, Tinney, Skalnik, Smith, Zadora