Parent Teacher Fellowship

The Rejoice Christian Schools Parent Teacher Fellowship is a great way for parents, teachers, students, and administrators to build strong bonds, worship together, and exchange ideas that can help our school thrive.

PTF Objectives:

    • Promote Christian values and Biblical principles to enhance the education of RCS students;
    • Raise funds (a secondary function) necessary for an established purpose that will compliment and enrich students needs;
    • Provide Christian service, encouragement, and support to students, faculty, staff, and parents;
    • Promote Christian fellowship and exchange of ideas among parents, students, and staff;
    • Provide volunteer opportunities to RCS families to aid in securing monies through events, projects, and donations for the financial support of RCS
    • Annual membership dues and proceeds from fundraisers will fund events, activities, and future educational needs at RCS.

You can contact PTF by emailing