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May 15, 2020
Hello Rejoice Family,
Please read the information provided about pick up/drop off days. If you are not able, or do not want to attend, please contact your director or principal to make alternate arrangements. I think you will see that we are taking every precaution to ensure your safety. Please help us by reading the information carefully. 
Finally, we have a special award for you as co-teachers these past several weeks. We thank and commend you for completing the year! God bless you! Click here to print out the reward certificate.
COVID Precautions for Being On Campus (A Word from our School Nurses)
We are so excited about getting to see you next week! Let’s honor the Lord’s great provision and mercy by taking the following measures recommended by the CDC and the U.S Task Force’s guidelines for re-opening. For the protection of families, students and staff:
  • All teachers and staff will be wearing masks
  • We request that all adults who enter the elementary building, as well as any adults or MSHS students who enter the MSHS building, wear masks 
  • If you, or your child, are not feeling well, please let us know so that other arrangements can be made.
In addition, we request that our K5 – 5th families and our Middle School/High School students:
  • Follow instructions by school staff for entering the buildings in small groups
  • Maintain social distancing of six feet, whether in the building or waiting to enter
  • Limit time in the school building 
We have instructed our teachers to remain behind their desks and maintain social distancing.
For medications:
  • Preschool student medications will be included with their personal items for pick up.
  • Elementary prescription medications need to be picked up by the parent in the nurse’s office (only one person allowed in the nurse’s office at a time, please). Elementary over-the-counter medications will already be placed in the individual child’s bag.
  • MSHS medications can be picked up in the nurse’s office.
Working together, we can make it a great day that will bring glory to the Lord! If you have any questions or concerns that have not been addressed above, please contact or
Thank you!
Ginger Cantrell, RN       
RCS Pre/Elem School Nurse  
Elicia Hill, RN
RCS MS/HS School Nurse
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