Specials for Snow Week
Reading From Mrs. Rose

Select the tab for each subject.  Then scroll to the appropriate grade level.

Hey everyone!!  I sure miss seeing your smiling faces and getting to “do” computers together!  Wanted to make it fun for you on these snow days so I picked some games on the website for each grade level.  Choose one or try them all…have some fun playing a few of these “learning” games.  
5th graders you can also work on your Then & Now slide show presentation if you have not finished it yet (be sure to turn it in) and/or you can work on your President’s Research Table that we have started.  Email me if you need to know the name of your President–no worries if you do not work on this…I will give you time in class to work on and finish this assignment.  
Stay safe and warm…I look forward to seeing you all again soon!!!
Pick a game to play (all games are found on the website
1st Grade:


1st Grade – 2nd Grade

3rd – 5th Grade

  • Praise Song of the Month
  • Bouncing Ball Beats
    • You can do this by yourself or with your whole family.
    • Please check that there is nothing fragile around you before you start this game.  Make sure you have plenty of room and it’s okay with Mom and Dad to bounce a ball in your space. 
    • Sit on the floor and practice a few times to let the ball bounce and then catch it properly.  
    • Choose the character you are going to follow (greeen, red or blue) and bounce your ball on the YELLOW symbols at the same time as your character.  
    • Don’t have a ball that will work?  NO PROBLEM!  Use something you have at home as an instrument OR use body percussion.  See how many different sound combinations you can come up with.  
    • Click the link below to play.  HAVE FUN!
  • If you liked the Bouncing Ball Beats, you’ll love this one.  
    • Make sure you have plenty of room and ask Mom and Dad if you can do this one in the house.  You might need to take it to the garage for a little more room.
    • Follow along with the kids on the video. 

Happy Snow Day, My Fabulous Art Friends!

Here are some super fun art activities for all ages! Grab a parent or a
sibling and try a few of these. You can make your own snowmen
puppets, recycled robots, decorate a box, a microphone to sing some
karaoke, ice ornaments, toilet paper roll snowmen, and the infamous ice
Below are pictures of each activity and a link to the directions and
materials needed. Feel free to substitute any supplies that you have on
hand for the ones mentioned. I hope that you enjoy creating some
masterpieces with your family!
Mrs. Henson

Paper Bag Snowman Craft

Cardboard Box Coloring

Snowflake Tutorial

Recycled Robots

Cardboard Microphone

Ice Ornaments

Paper Towel Roll Snowmen

Wrapping Paper Snowflakes

Ice Marbles

Hola amigos! I hope you are all doing well, staying warm, and enjoying this blessing of extra time and bonus snuggles with your familia! I am including some links to some fun videos and activities for you to do with your family. Enjoy this time, and I will see you soon! Adios! 
All grades:
Teach your family our days of the week song! Remember, it’s more fun if everyone snaps/claps along! I apologize in advance for it being stuck in everyone’s head for the next 24 hours! 🙂 
All grades: 
Call or text a friend or family member. Without looking at a calendar, ask them if they know what day of the week it is. I know I have started to lose track of the days! =) If they answer correctly, ask them if they know how to say that day of the week in Spanish. if they don’t know, teach them!
Make a “Days of the Week” book with the attached PDF. Sing your song as you put it together!
Complete the “Days of the Week” worksheet on the last page of the PDF. 
Review words: ayer, hoy, and mañana (yesterday, today, and tomorrow). Looking at a calendar, practice reviewing: “If hoy es miercoles, ayer was martes, y mañana es jueves” drills. What interesting fact about the calendar do you remember? On what day of the week does our calendar begin? What about in Spanish speaking countries; on what day of the week does their calendar begin? 

Hi everyone! I hope you are staying warm and enjoying the beautiful snow God gave us. I sure miss seeing you at school! Click on the following links for fun videos that will help you stay active and warm today. 

Video 1 – all grades  –
This is a would you rather workout. Complete the exercise that is in the same side of the screen (right or left) as your favorite each round. 
Video 2 – all grades –
This is another would you rather workout.
Video 3 – 1st-5th grades
This is a rock, paper, scissors fitness video. You will play against the computer and complete the exercise that matches your result (win, lose, or tie) each round.
Have fun!