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RCS Elementary

About RCS Elementary

At Rejoice Christian Schools, our Elementary students learn from activities in a stimulating learning environment as they begin their lifelong learning journey. We utilize various teaching methods to ensure we are educating the whole child. Small class sizes provide for frequent interaction between the teacher and student and our emphasis on literacy continues throughout the grades. Our Math curriculum focuses on problem-solving through the use of age-specific tasks and our Science program is taught through hands-on projects and experiments. We also utilize an interactive early childhood education literacy program to encourage young readers in the earliest stages of formal instruction.

At Rejoice, our elementary school includes grades Kindergarten through 5th grade and has a reputation for challenging students to reach their potential. Each student has an opportunity to participate in a broad range of core curriculum classes while fostering spirituality in every aspect of learning. Each student benefits from the low student-teacher ratios giving them the chance to excel in their individual areas of interest.

Elementary FAQ's

Where can I get more information on Rejoice Christian Schools curriculum?

  • You can get more information on our programs and curriculum, as well as the specials classes offered, by clicking here.

What is the academic screening?

  • All elementary applicants will complete an academic screening as part of the admissions process. This will include sections of a standardized achievement test, as well as reading and writing activities. The screenings last anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending upon the applicant’s grade. You will schedule your child’s screening appointment when you complete your application. (Questions about this process? Click here)

What is the class size for an elementary class?

  • Our average class size is 18 students.