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Rejoicing@Home – 2nd Grade

Rejoicing@Home – 2nd Grade

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Week 2 - 3/30 - 4/3
Week 3 - 4/6 - 4/10
Week 1 - 3/26-27

Specials are located here.


*Subtraction facts to 18 –  Practice and email the completed assignment back to your homeroom teacher. This is the document titled 100-Basic-Subtraction-Problems-Worksheet

Click here for worksheet

Use the Magic Nine Trick when subtracting:

Cool Math 4 Kids   (There are two subtraction games you can play: Island Chase or Minus Mission.)



*!questionsetsSection:1732/articleTab:content/ (Once finished, send your completed work to your homeroom teacher via email.)!-Show-Off-Those-Pearly-Whites/99e74b51-b5fb-4417-ae1f-f19b0a763484#!questionsetsSection:1927/articleTab:content/  (You will need to select “I’m a student” and sign in with your Google account.) 

After reading each passage, make sure you select the “Question Sets” in order to answer the comprehension questions over the passage.



Read Mark 14:12-26

Draw and color a picture of the 12 disciples eating the passover meal with Jesus.  Take a picture of your work and email it to your homeroom teacher. 



Download the Seesaw app 

  • Every homeroom teacher has their own “sign in” information. For example, if you are in Ms. Stark’s class, you will enter “Ms. Stark’s Second Grade Class.” 
  • Once you have entered this information in, you will complete:
    • Mystery Science Week 2: How do germs get inside of your body
    • Outdoor Scavenger Hunt



    • Remember to write the sentence with the correct verb.

Once completed send email to your homeroom teacher.

Click here for all Rejoicing@home files for this week’s lessons.


Read the Text in BOLD and follow the directions.

The Death of Jesus John 19:16-18, 19:28-35 While it’s painful to think about the crucifixion of Jesus, this is the central event our Faith is placed on. It was God’s greatest act of love! Your Bible assignment is to record yourself quoting John 3:16-17 

Jesus is Buried John 19:38-42 Your Bible assignment is to find a rock and put a cross on it! This can be done with paint, marker, or even fingernail polish. After it’s painted take a picture of yourself with it in the yard! This is similar to what happened to Jesus. He was dressed in cloth and sweet aroma and then placed in a garden with a stone rolled in front of his tomb. 


In your spelling workbook – Complete pages 48-49.

Take a picture of your work and send to your homeroom teacher.


Monday – Watch a video on “Adjectives for Kids” by Home School Pop found on YouTube ( 13:47 in length). 

Wednesday – Adjective worksheet that has been scanned for you to complete. 

Friday – Animal adjective game.  Parents, you can just have your child “play” the game.  Take a snapshot of them playing or just email your homeroom teacher that your child has completed the activity. Mistakes are highlighted and students are allowed to fix their work.


Social Studies: 

Tuesday – Read pages 117-119 from your Our America textbook.

Thursday – Read pages 120-121 from your Our America textbook and answer the “Do you remember?” questions. Take a picture of completed work and send to your homeroom teacher. 

*This activity is optional* Wampanoag tribe info:!articleTab:content/



Students: We are all going to start on a new chapter in science so we can all be on the same unit.  If your class did not complete “Taste and Smell” you are more than welcome to complete that on your own, but not mandatory.  We are going to begin looking at weather found in chapter 8.

Tuesday – Draw, color and label the chapter cover on page 124 in your science textbook.  Read and complete pages 125-126. Take a picture of pages 125-126 and send to your homeroom teacher. 

Thursday – Complete pages 127-128 in your science textbook. Take a picture and send to your homeroom teacher.

The assignment is located in Seesaw and is called “Five Day Forecast” if you have problems with the link.  The assignment will not be available until Saturday. 


We would like for every student to read at least 15 minutes daily.  There are several sites that you can read books for free; for example: Epic, Tulsa Public Library, and/or other free online reading sources that you may know of. Besides the daily reading, you may enjoy watching a clip from Reading Rainbow or Wishbone and watch stories come to life. I also heard that OETA will have educational shows available to watch in the morning as well.

Monday – April 6  – It’s Raining, It’s Pouring!!/024f9332-b472-44d9-86bf-d2e0f3e01999#!articleTab:content/ 

Wednesday – April 8 – Bobby Gets a Doggy!articleTab:content/

Friday – April 10 –  Game – Main Idea for Kids Online



Monday – Compete homework side of the fact page for lesson 106.  Complete the guided lesson and homework page for lesson 106. Take a picture of complete work and email to your homeroom teacher.                                                                                                                                                         

Wednesday – Complete homework side of the fact page for lesson 107. Complete the guided lesson and homework page for lesson 107. Take a picture of your work and email to your homeroom teacher.                                                                                                                                                                           

Friday – On the Seesaw site added activities to work on the skills of telling time to the minute and counting money. Complete the activity for telling time and at least one of the activities for counting money. You are more than welcome to complete them all, but not mandatory. 

 Seesaw counting by the minutes:

Seesaw Counting Money:

Mystery Doug Mini Science Lesson

Mo Willems Lunch Doodles
Take a picture of your “doodle” and have mom/dad email a picture of it to your homeroom teacher.

Bible:  John 12: 12-19 

Read the passage, then draw and color a picture of Jesus coming to Jerusalem. Have mom/dad take a picture of it and email it to your homeroom teacher.