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Rejoicing@Home – 4th Grade

Rejoicing@Home – 4th Grade

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Week 3 - 4/6 - 4/10
Week 2 - 3/30 - 4/3
Week 1 - 3/26-27

Click here for all rejoicing@home files for this week’s lessons.

Specials are located here

If at all possible, please submit all assignments at ONE time or BY subjects in an email to each teacher by this week’s deadline, Sunday, April 12th at 10pm. Please put your student’s name and assignment in the subject box when turning in all assignments. 
Math – Mrs. Johnston
Language Arts & Reading – Mrs. Wright
Science & History – Mrs. Shamburger

Language Arts – This week we will be learning about adverbs and how to use them along with adjectives.

1. Watch this video – What is an adverb?

2. Complete language book pages 183-185. Take a picture of your completed work and submit to Mrs. Wright via email by April 12th at 10pm.
Optional Language Arts:

-Complete this review: Using Adverbs and Adjectives

-Complete language book pages 186-187.

3. Email Mrs. Wright to receive your username and password, if you have not already done so.

ReadingIntroduction to the War of 1812 and AR reading.

1. Read AR books for 20 minutes per day and take AR tests via If you have any issues with Renaissance, please contact Mrs. Skalnik at

Optional Reading: 

Read The War of 1812 by Jill K. Mullhall, M.Ed found in your mailbox. 

We will be learning about the War of 1812 in History later this year, so enjoy this introduction.


Math  Division with Zeros in the Quotient & Review

1. Watch this video from Mrs. Johnston –  

This video will be useful for the teaching of this week’s concepts in addition to other important information.

Overview for this week:

  • Saxon math book lessons 80, 81 and 82 this week.
  • DO NOT DO INVESTIGATION #8. That investigation is all about graphing which we did in Starbase several times.
  • Complete your work on regular notebook paper or graph/grid paper. Be sure to number your problems, copy the complete problem onto your paper correctly and neatly and include your name at the top. Don’t just give me answers. Remember to show me all your work!
  • Parents can check your work for accuracy using the answer keys found above in the Rejoicing at Home link. When all the work is complete your parents can send me a picture. Please include the student’s full name in the subject line of the email.

2. Complete Lesson 80 p.510-513 from your textbook, don’t do #2,4,6,9,and 12. 

3. Complete Lesson 81 p.520-524 from your textbook, don’t do #1,2,11,12 and 30.

4. Complete Lesson 82 p.526-531 from your textbook, don’t do #3,4,6,12,25, and 30.

Submit lessons 80, 81, 82 completed assignments to Mrs. Johnston at by April 12th at 10pm.

Optional Math:

-Complete the multiplication review worksheet via the Rejoicing at Home link above. (answer key also provided)

-Complete the division review worksheet via the Rejoicing at Home link above. (answer key also provided)


ScienceWe’re going to start at the beginning of Chapter 7: Geology – Planet Earth. 

1. Read p 151-152 and complete Comp. Check 7.1 on p.153

2. Read p 153-155 and complete Comp. Check 7.2, #1-5 ONLY on p.156

Take a picture of your completed work and send it by April 12th at 10pm to Mrs. Shamburger at


1. Here is a video that shows us how germs are transmitted. Important information given in an entertaining way.

2. The Mystery Science website is a lot of fun. There are 5 minute videos to watch and complete lessons with activities to do. The website is free right now! I have included a direct link to a lesson with activities that goes along with our Science lessons for this week.

3. Something to Do in your Science textbook p152. If you have an apple, this is a great visual to see how the earth’s axis (diameter) is related to the equator (circumference). Pi (3.14)=circumference divided by diameter Test it out!


HistoryChapter 11: Building a New Nation

1. Read p121-125 and Comp. Check 11A on p.125

Take a picture of the assignment and email it to

Continue to memorize the States and Capitals of the United States. You may move at your own pace. Use the States and Capitals game to help you. Email me when you have learned the location of all 50 states and the name of each capital. This assignment will continue over the next several weeks as needed. You’re welcome to email me your progress at any time!

Website for states & capitals game:


Specials are located here

Click here for Rejoicing@home files for this week’s lessons.

Link to specials assignments coming soon!

Language Arts –  Review and Practice

1. Complete the review worksheets for practice. Worksheets are located in the Rejoicing at Home link above.

2. Objective: You are the teacher and I am a student. Help me understand how to diagram. Your assignment this week is to send Mrs. Wright a 2 to 3 minute video explaining how to diagram a two subject OR two predicate sentence.  You may use a piece of paper to show me as you explain, if you choose.  Email videos to Mrs. Wright at by April 6th.


Reading – Read for AR

AR goals for the 4th 9 weeks have been sent out.  Please be reading your AR books and be ready to test soon.


Math – Multiplication & Division Review  

1. We are going to drill some concepts that we have already learned.Complete the multiplication and division review worksheets located on the Rejoicing at Home link above.

2. Mrs. Johnston has provided an answer key for parents to check work if they choose. Answer key is located in the Rejoicing at Home link above. (optional)

3. Send completed assignments to Mrs. Johnston at by April 6th.


Science: God’s Earth’s

1. Science textbook: Read Section 7.4 on p,160-163.

2. Ask a parent to cut open an apple. Compare the Earth’s layers to the apple (pictured on p163), and then eat it!

3. Draw your own diagram of the layers of the earth and label them. Send Mrs. Shamburger a picture of the diagram at by April 6th.

4. Science textbook: Read Section 7.6 – p.166-170.

5. Go to this website: Play this game to review what you read! Email your score to Mrs Shamburger at by April 6th.

Parents: This website has a lot of good information and many educational games to play. Just be aware – this is not based on the Bible and creation by God. You will see phrases like “over thousands of years…” Just as we would discuss in the classroom, this does not follow the timeline of when God created the world.


History: Our 50 States

1. Go to this website: This is a drag and click memorization game. The game will default to the states portion of the game first. Go to “settings” on the home screen to select capitals.

2. Memorize the state name, location, and capital of the following states this week: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, and Virginia. The states and capitals game will help you!

3. Email Mrs. Shamburger at and let her know how long it took you to finish a section according to the timer on the game. Deadline is April 6th.

4. We will learn the entire United States during the next several weeks, and you are welcome to move on to another section as you master this assignment. We will have a contest to see who can learn all 50 states and capitals in the shortest amount of time! Who will it be?

Language Arts  Over the past few months we have been learning some of the ”Parts of Speech:” Nouns, Verbs, Pronouns, Conjunctions, and Adjectives.

 1. This week’s assignment is to go outside and write down 5 nouns you see and give each noun an adjective that describes the noun.

 2. Have your parent take a picture of you completing this assignment and submit it to Mrs. Wright at Be sure to include your student’s name along with the picture. Due to Mrs. Wright by April 6th.

 Reading Read your AR book for at least 20 minutes each day.


Math – These two days will be a review of polygons and identify them within our world.

1. Fun activity! Review the polygon song. Click Here for Polygon Song (Youtube link:

2. Now that you remember what a polygon is, go around your house and look for the most unusual polygon. We’re not looking for quadrilaterals since they are so easy to find and are everywhere! Try looking for triangles, trapezoids, or pentagons.

3. What you see pictured is a decorative item found in my sister’s house that has a triangle and a trapezoid in it. Look close to see the items I circled in red.

4. Email Mrs. Johnston at a picture of the most unusual polygon(s) you find. Be sure to include your student’s name along with the picture. Happy hunting! Due to Mrs. Johnston by April 6th.

Science – Review the states of matter and apply to the world around us.

1. As you write down 5 nouns for your Language Arts assignment, tell me what state of matter each of these nouns is. (solid, liquid or gas)

2. Challenge: Try to find a solid, a liquid, and a gas. Draw a picture of one of your nouns. 

3. Email your completed assignment to Mrs. Shamburger at by April 6th.

History– Continue memorization of the 50 states and capitals

1. Memorize the state capitals of Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire. The map on pages 248-249 in your History book will help you.

2. Pronunciation help for Montpelier- 4 syllables: mont (rhymes with font), pe (rhymes with see), li (rhymes with see), er (say “yer” that rhymes with fur)