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Rejoicing@Home – 5th Grade

Rejoicing@Home – 5th Grade

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Week 3 - 4/6 - 4/10
Week 2 - 3/30 - 4/3
Week 1 - 3/26-27

Click here for rejoicing@home files for this week’s lessons.

Specials are located here

If at all possible, please submit all assignments at ONE time or BY subjects in an email to each teacher by this week’s deadline, Sunday, April 12th at 10pm.
Math & Science – Mrs. Hurst
Language Arts, including writing – Mrs. King
Reading & History – Mrs. Schnakenberg

Language Arts Intro to Freckle and “Story Mountain” Writing

1. Sign onto Freckle and take 2 pre-tests. Click or copy and paste the link below & put in your class code and your first and last name. *NOTE: Your class code will never change*

King code: p53vj5

Hurst code: e7wmtr

Schnakenberg code: 7kzngq


2. ELA Skills


Mrs. King will be tracking your progress on Freckle. Give your best effort! Please complete both assessments by April 12th at 10pm.

3. Refresh by watching the Story Elements Song:

OPTIONAL Weekly Write: It’s Spring time!! There is a saying, “April showers bring May flowers.” Think creatively…What could April showers bring in an imaginary, different time or place? Create a world with a made up season. Think about Narnia, think about another planet! Think about cavemen, or futuristic times. It can be anything!  What does “April” bring in your new world? 

4. Write a short story using descriptive words (5 senses: sight, touch, taste, smell, hear to describe) and the story mountain: characters, setting, climax, and resolution. Make it at least 1 PAGE in length, but no longer than 2 pages. It’s a SHORT story not a novel 🙂

I can’t wait to read them. Think outside the box, and have fun with it!

5. When you are finished, underline your story according to this: Characters in RED, setting in ORANGE, climax in GREEN, and the resolution in BLUE. Keep it neat. I should still be able to read the words.

Optional: Read them aloud to your parents or grandparents.

Please take a picture of your color coded story and email it to Mrs. King at by April 12th at 10pm.


History – Greece and France

1. Watch this short video about the Leaning Tower of Pisa

2. Read about Greece p. 236-239 in your textbook; Complete Comprehension Check 14D 

3. Read about France p. 239-242 in your textbook; Complete Comprehension Check 14E

Send pictures of completed work to Mrs. Schnakenberg via email by April 12th at 10pm.


Reading – Continuing our class novel The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

1. Complete the dialect worksheet found in the Rejoicing at Home link above. I’d love to know what you thought about the dialect worksheet! Was it fun to practice speaking like that?

2. Listen to Mrs. Schnakenberg read chapter 9 here:

3. Listen to Mrs. Schnakenberg read chapter 10 here:

Send a picture of the completed dialect worksheet to Mrs. Schnakenberg via email by April 12th at 10pm.


Math This week will be reviewing how to divide fractions by inverting a fraction and using its reciprocal to divide. We learned this concept before Spring Break, so we will be taking this week to continue mastering the concept.

1. Join our classroom in Kahn Academy:

2. Watch Kahn Academy’s Dividing Fractions video and complete the dividing fractions practice & review.

**If you have trouble signing-in to our Kahn Academy classroom, here is a direct link to the
assignment, but you will have to take screenshots of your work & send it to Mrs. Hurst.

3. Complete the dividing  fractions worksheet found in the Rejoicing at Home link above. Print the worksheet or you can just copy the complete problems and solutions onto notebook paper. Parents: an answer key is provided as page 2 of this worksheet. Please feel free to check for accuracy before submitting.

4. Complete Power-Up J found in the Rejoicing at Home link above. You may copy on notebook paper and solve or print the worksheet. 

Send the dividing fractions worksheet & power-up J completed assignments to Mrs. Hurst via email by April 12th at 10pm.

Optional Math:

Review 15 which can be found in the Rejoicing at Home link above.

Play Prodigy Math for at least 30 minutes.


Science We will be continuing Ch9: Vertebrates this week. This week’s focus will be on fish.


  • Read section 9.3 – Fish: Masters of the Watery World, p.252-254

  • Complete Comp. Check 9.3 – p.254 on notebook paper 


    • Pick a fish from one of the following categories to research and submit your findings to Mrs. Hurst as a document (handwritten or digital.) 

  • Fish categories: (pick one) jawless fish, cartilaginous fish, bony fish

  • Tell me:

  • 1) where the fish can be found

  • 2) tell me 3 interesting facts about the fish

  • 3) include an image/picture

Complete all assignments and send them via email to Mrs. Hurst by April 12th at 10pm.

Extra optional activities: Looking for more fish fun? Here are some ideas!

  • Sign-in to your Epic account. Read the recommended books from Mrs. Hurst.




Specials are located here

Click here for all Rejoicing@home files for this week’s lessons

Language Arts– Parts of Speech Review & Writing

1. Complete “Do you Recall” p.130, Verbs, Pronouns, Modifiers in your book. (parent answer key is provided above in the Rejoicing at Home link, if you want to check for accuracy)

2. Complete p.131, Think A only #1-5 and Think B. Write your answers in your book.

3. Optional extra practice: p. 131 Think C and p. 132 Language crossword

4. Weekly Write: Watch Brain POP video about how to write a paragraph.

5. Write 2 paragraphs about “Your Favorite Vertebrate” and why?

     a) 1st paragraph: explain what a vertebrate is and give detailed examples.

     b) 2nd paragraph: Explain YOUR favorite vertebrate and why it is your favorite.

Each of your paragraphs should be at least 5 sentences long. Draw a picture to illustrate your favorite vertebrate and include it with your paragraphs. Send your completed assignment to Mrs King at by April 6th.


Science – Vertebrates: Birds

1. Go to p.251 in your textbook and read the questions from Comp. Check 9.2. You will use these questions to determine what to highlight as you read.

2. Read section 9.2 from your textbook – p.246-251. Highlight according to the questions on p.251 and any other information you think is important.

3. Complete Comp. Check 9.2 – p.251 and email completed assignment to Mrs. Hurst by April 6th.

4. Go to and sign-in (Mrs. Hurst sent your parents an invitation on Friday.) Read the assigned text and complete the quiz at the end.

5. Outside activity – Bird Watching. Take pictures of 5 different birds and send them in a collage or one email to Mrs. Hurst at by April 6th. 

6. Optional activity – From the Rejoicing at Home link above, print off the “Balancing Bird” paper craft to make.


Math – Review Concepts continued

1. Complete Lesson 89 in your textbook – p.580-585. (X-off #s: 5, 27, 28, 29.)

Be sure to read through all examples and lesson practice. Answers to lesson practice (examples) are provided in the Rejoicing at Home link above.  Send a copy of the completed lesson to Mrs. Hurst at by April 6th.

2. Home Scavenger Hunt – Go around your home and locate at least 5 different prisms. Make a chart and tell me the following information:

  1. What type of prism you found.

  2. What is the object you found that contains the above mentioned prism?

  3. Sketch a picture or take a picture of the objects. 

  4. Make a collage of your pictures – it can be a digital collage or hand-drawn pictures.

  5. Submit the chart and collage of pictures to Mrs. Hurst at by April 6th.

3.  Complete the review assignment, Power-Up H,  listed above in the Rejoicing at Home files link. Submit a copy of the completed assignment to Mrs. Hurst at by April 6th.

4. Sign-in to and complete the review games. Play for a combined total of 40 minutes by April 6th. Do not sit and play for 40 minutes – break it up into several days. Mrs. Hurst will be checking your progress online.

History –  Chapter 14

1. To review the last chapter, watch the virtual field trip video of The Revolutionary War Museum from Scholastic at:

2. Read p. 223-228 and complete Comprehension Check 14A

3. Read p. 229-231 and complete Comprehension Check 14B

4. Read p. 231-236 and complete  Comprehension Check 14C

5. Submit all completed comprehension checks to Mrs. Schnakenberg at by April 6th.

Reading – The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

1. Listen to Chapters 7-8 via our 5th Grade YouTube channel 

Chapter 7 video link:

Chapter 8 video link:

2. Answer the following questions. Submit them to Mrs. Schnakenberg by April 6th.

1. Who is Aslan?

2. Where does the beaver say he will take the children?

3 Why does the White Witch want to capture and kill any “Sons of Adam” or “Daughters of Eve”?

4. How does Mr. Beaver know where Edmund has gone?

5. Who or What is the only hope for Mr. Tumnus, the children, and Narnia itself?

History – Begin Chapter 14

  1. Look through Chapter 14 pages 223-262, including all maps and pictures.
  2. In 5 complete sentences, tell me the following:

a.  What are you most interested in learning about. Why?

b.  Do you already know something about these people/events in history? Tell me what you know. 

c.  Is there something that you are wondering about?

3. Email your completed assignment to Mrs. Schnakenberg at by April 6th.


Reading – Continue The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

  1. Look over the vocabulary words for chapter 7 

beckon: to signal, summon, or direct by a gesture of the head or hand

mortar: any of various materials or compounds for bonding together bricks, stones, etc

  1. Write one word or phrase to describe each of the Pevensie children: Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy
  2. Then answer the following questions.
    1. Of the four children, who would you trust and why?
    2. Who would you like to have as a friend? Why?

     3. Email your completed assignment to Mrs. Schnakenberg by April 6th.


Language Review of The Final 3

  1. Complete page: 128 Think A and Think B (All) *pay close attention to all directions*
  2. Complete page: 129 Thunk C (answer questions in your book)
  3. Complete Think D (there are only 4 that do NOT contain a prep phrase) Use your prep list on pg 115!) & Go Back follow the directions and diagram sentences 4,5,6,9,10,&14
  4. Send completed assignments to Mrs. King at by April 6th.

Math – Review adding fractions with common denominators and simplifying fractions

  1. Select a cooking recipe that contains at least 8 ingredients. Copy down the recipe onto notebook paper.
  2. Now, using the same recipe rewrite it a second time, but this time DOUBLE all of the ingredients. For example if it calls for 1/3 cup of flour (1/3 + 1/3 = 2/3 cup of flour) Send a copy of your completed assignment to Mrs. Hurst at by April 6th.

Optional: with your parent’s permission, cook the recipe!

  1. Complete the adding and subtracting fractions review worksheet (Click here for worksheet.) Complete and return to Mrs. Hurst by April 6th.
  2. Sign-on to your Prodigy account (website: If you have trouble signing in then email Mrs. Hurst for your log-in information. We will be utilizing this website weekly, beginning next week.

Science – Begin Chapter 9 – Vertebrates

  1. Read p.244-245
  2. On paper create a copy of the warm-blooded / cold-blooded animal chart found on p.245. Be creative, add color and pictures. Send a copy of the finished paper to Mrs. Hurst by April 6th.