SMART Tuition

RCS is pleased to partner with SMART Tuition to better serve you! This partnership is a great benefit in many ways.

  • SMART Tuition enables RCS to process online/automatic withdrawals for monthly payment processing.
  • SMART Tuition’s parent help center is available to assist you 24/7, to contact them call 1.888.868.8828.
  • SMART Tuition accepts payment from a checking or savings account.
  • SMART Tuition sends you a monthly reminder via email 10 days before your scheduled deduction date.

To register for SMART Tuition, please follow the steps listed below. Once you have completed the Parent Registration / Online Enrollment Form you will be provided a Username and Password. Simply login to to access your account to be able to make online payments, view balances, and access other account information.

New Families

New families will need to register for SMART Tuition by either clicking the link during online enrollment or by logging on to Enter the RCS School Code of 10635 and your e-mail address to complete the online parent registration/enrollment form.

Returning Families

Returning families who were registered with SMART Tuition the previous year do not need to re-register. Accounts used the previous year will be reactivated. If it has been more than one year since you have used SMART Tuition, you will need to follow the new families information above to re-register / online enroll.

Important information regarding your SMART Tuition Account.

Below is a listing of important information regarding your SMART Tuition account. You can also click here for a list of frequently asked questions regarding SMART Tuition.

    • SMART Tuition will send you a welcome letter with information regarding your account.


    • RCS will submit balances for Lunch / Extended Care / Athletic Fees etc., on the 25th of each month. These balances will then be deducted on your scheduled deduction date the following month (for example, September charges are transferred on the 25th and will automatically be deducted on your scheduled date in October).


    • Monthly Payment Withdrawal Date Options: SMART Tuition allows parents to pick the most convenient day for their Tuition withdrawal. Withdrawal date options are the 10th, 15th, 18th, 22nd & 30th. SMART Tuition’s online enrollment must be completed a minimum of 15 days prior to the day chosen for the initial deduction, otherwise, no automatic deduction can be taken until the following month.


    • Payment Plan Changes: Any changes in payment plan from the one selected upon enrollment / re-enrollment, must be done prior to June 1st. If adequate notice (minimum of 10 days) is not provided, payment plans may not be able to be changed prior to your scheduled deduction.


    • Year End / Final Deductions: Year End deductions for each school year will be submitted to SMART Tuition after the last day of school and will be deducted in June on your scheduled deduction date. These charges typically consist of any lunch, extended care, or athletics charges billed during the month of May.


    • Failed Deductions: If your automatic deduction fails there will be an automatic re-attempt in 10 days, a $30.00 bank fee will be charged for each failed deduction.


    • Late Fees: SMART Tuition will assess various fees if payments are not received on time or the transfers fail due to insufficient funds.


    • Refunds: Prepaid tuition is 50% refundable if official withdrawal occurs prior to December 1 of the current school year. It is non-refundable if withdrawal occurs after this date. If a refund is due (according to the school policy), the refund will not be processed until 10 days after the scheduled deduction date. Please keep in mind that all fees are non-refundable, refunds are only given for prepaid tuition in accordance with the school’s official refund policy found in the Student Handbook.


    • Overdue Accounts: SMART Tuition will contact you regarding any past due accounts. Various fees may be incurred for this service. Accounts will not be allowed to go over one month past due. Delinquent accounts may result in immediate dismissal from school.


    • Withdrawal: A thirty (30) day written notice is required for withdrawal from RCS. If a student is withdrawn from classes with less than a 30-day notice the amount of one additional monthly installment will be due. Report cards, school records, and school supplies will not be released if an unpaid balance remains on the account. Prepaid tuition is 50% refundable if official withdrawal occurs prior to December 1 of the current school year. It is non-refundable if official withdrawal occurs after this date.